Madrid Car Hire

Madrid Car Hire – Madrid is a very easy city to get around, and hiring a car may not be entirely necessary. However, for those travellers who wish not only to see the delights of the city, but also to drive to surrounding small towns, then hiring a car is the ideal solution. It is also a good idea to hire a car if you are only in Madrid for a short period of time. A car will give you lots of flexibility in regards to time, and allow you to fully maximise your stay in this interesting capital city.

There are many car hire companies to choose from in Madrid, and each company offers its own specific benefits and drawbacks. Make sure that you speak to a few different companies, and find out which one best suits your needs. When you Travel to Madrid, your best bet is to be as organised as possible, that way, you can be free to enjoy your holiday when you get there.

Below is a list of Car Hire Companies based in Madrid. These should point you in the right direction if you are thinking of hiring a car during your stay.

Europcar Car Hire
Avda. del Partenón, 16-18 28042 Madrid, Tel: +34 902105030
Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937235
Atocha Ave Station, Tel: +34 915300194

Hertz Car Hire

Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937228/9
Atocha Station, Tel: +34 915060497
Chamartin St. Agustin, Tel: +34 917330400
Plaza de la Fragua 5, Moralzarzal Tel: +34 918427624

Atesa Car Hire
Plaza de España, 28013 Madrid, Tel: +34 915425015
Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937232
Chamartin Station, Tel: +34 917406700
Atocha Station, Tel: +34 915061846/47

Pepecar Car Hire
Near Atocha Station
Near Chamartín Station
Barajas Airport
Plaza de España

Aerocity Car Hire
Marzo 34, 28022 Madrid, Tel: +34 917477570

Avis Car Hire
Agustín de Foxá, 27 28036 Madrid, Tel: +34 902135531