Madrid Tourist Office


Madrid Tourist Offices – Whenever you go on holiday it is always a good idea to get in touch with one of the local tourist offices. In Madrid, there are numerous places you can go to seek out more information about the capital city of Spain.

The Tourist Information Offices in Madrid offer a whole host of information, including how to book hotels and hostels, how to organise a tour, and how to find your way to the best sights in the city. They can also help you with maps, general directions, and information of public transport.

Madrid Tourist Office

Far too many people neglect to visit tourist information offices when they go on vacation. However, an hour spent at the Madrid Tourist Office is an hour very well spent. The professional and extremely helpful staff in these offices know a lot about the city they operate in, and can help you find things that you would have otherwise never have known about. In Madrid, this service is indispensable, as there is so much to do and see in the capital that the only way you can truly figure out what is best to see is to talk to the people who know the city best – the tourist information officers.

Tourist Information
Tel: 900 300 600

Municipal Office of Tourist Information
Plaza Mayor, 3
Tel: 91 366 54 77

Madrid Community Tourist Information Offices
Calle Duque de Medinaceli, 2
Tel: 91 429 49 51

Estación de Chamartín
Central vestibule, gate 16
Tel: 91 315 99 76

Municipal Board of Tourism and Congress Offices
Calle Mayor, 69
Tel: 91 588 29 00