Plaza Mayor


Plaza Mayor – Madrid is a vibrant and multi-cultured city, and it has activities and attractions to offer everyone. Many visitors to Madrid go to see such attractions as monuments, statues, and manor houses. One of the best places in Madrid to visit is the Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza Mayor is an extremely grand 17th-century arcaded square in the heart of Madrid. In the past, the square was the location of great festivals, ceremonies, plays, and even the crowning of Kings. Unfortunately, it has also seen some less than savoury events such as bullfights and the public burnings of heretics. What can’t be disputed is that the Plaza Mayor has played a vital role in Spanish history.

The days of the past are now long gone, but this beautiful square still remains. It is decorated with eye-catching, kaleidoscopic-coloured murals and is surrounded by baroque architecture, providing a stunning array of images for tourists to soak in. Standing at the Plaza Mayor feels like standing on the life-pulse of Madrid.

Tourists are free to visit the many plaza shops and cafes surrounding the square and enjoy the calm mornings, the busy afternoons, and the lively evenings. Many of the best tapas bars in the city can be found at the Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor,

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