Madrid Hostels

Madrid Hostel – Madrid is a bustling and international city, which caters for a wide variety of needs. As such, Madrid offers a good selection of hostels for those who don’t wish to stay in a hotel during their visit. In Madrid, hostels are normally family owned and operated budget hotels. They can often be found in some of the most historical, interesting, and active parts of the city. Prices can vary, but most are usually very good value for money.

You should make sure not to confuse hostels in Madrid with youth hostels. Youth hostels are called “albergues juveniles” in Spanish, while hostels are called “Hostales”. Choosing a place to stay can be daunting, as there are many places available throughout the city. Make sure to ask your travel agent for advice, or if you can get a personal recommendation from a friend then that is even better.


Below is a list of Hostels in Madrid that may be suitable for you when you travel. It is always advisable to book your room in advance.

Hostal Martin
Madrid 28012
Tel.- +34 91 429 95 79
Fax – +34 91 429 09 64

This quaint hostel offers a real sense of Spain, and is relatively cheap. The rooms are clean and hygienic, and the main building has a nice romantic feel to it. The 26 rooms are equipped with televisions and phones.

Hostal Fonda Horizonte
Calle Atocha nº28, 2º B
Madrid 28012, Spain
Phone: (0034) 913 690 996

Although this hostel is fairly sparse, it is very spacious and clean. It caters for international guests, and the staff here are friendly and helpful. Travellers will find that the rooms differ in style but are all of a good quality.

Hostal Cruz – Sol 
Pza Santa Cruz 6, 3º
Madrid, 28012.

The Hostal Cruz – Sol is a reasonably priced establishment, which has luxurious rooms and a relaxing and calming atmosphere. This hostel is perfect for those who want to stay somewhere with a bit of class.

Hostales Victoria I, II and III
Tel: 91 522 84 12
Fax: 91 522 99 82

This chain of three hostels is located in the city centre. Victoria I, II & III Hostels are between Plaza Mayor and Museo del Prado. Guests will find these hostels both comfortable and convenient.

Hostal Villagarcía
Madrid – C/ Fuencarral nº10 3º – 28004
Tfn.91 5220585
Fax.91 5315621

The Hostal Villagarcía is a friendly and relaxed place to stay. Its rooms can appear a little bare, but they contain all the necessities you will need for your stay. Visitors to this hostel will find it convenient to many of Madrid’s main attractions.

Hostal Helo
Hortaleza 17, 3rd floor, left door
Madrid – 28004
Tel: 91 532 70 33

This laidback, international hostel has everything a traveller is looking for. They provide roomy beds, a calm atmosphere, and easy access to the city centre. All rooms have private bathrooms, heating and television sets.

Madrid Flights

Madrid Flight – Madrid has always been a very easy city to fly to. The Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) is a professional and well-run establishment, which receives thousands of flights every year.

When you fly to Madrid, you should make sure to have all of your relevant travel documents in order, as you will need these to gain access to the country. Security in Madrid Airport is stringent, so passengers’ safety is always assured.


There are many Airline Companies that fly to Madrid, and you can get some great deals if you speak to your travel company well in advance. Airline companies such as Easy Jet and British Airways offer some great deals, depending on the season you are travelling in, and on how far in advance you book your flights.

There are different classes of flight you can take to Madrid as well. Most people find Economy Flights to their satisfaction, and if need be seats with extra legroom can be arranged. Other people prefer to fly in luxury, and many airline companies offer first class cabins. These cabins are spacious, luxurious, and extremely comfortable.

Madrid Barajas International Airport handles both international and domestic flights, and caters for hundreds of passengers arriving and departing every day in Madrid. That means there are many flights for you to choose from, and the chances of you getting a flight on the day you want are reasonably high.

Flying to Madrid is usually quick and stress free, depending on the location you have departed from. Travellers from the UK can be in Madrid within a couple of hours. Long haul flights to Madrid are very well run and travellers on these flights can be assured of a comfortable, and smooth flight.

Madrid Car Hire

Madrid Car Hire – Madrid is a very easy city to get around, and hiring a car may not be entirely necessary. However, for those travellers who wish not only to see the delights of the city, but also to drive to surrounding small towns, then hiring a car is the ideal solution. It is also a good idea to hire a car if you are only in Madrid for a short period of time. A car will give you lots of flexibility in regards to time, and allow you to fully maximise your stay in this interesting capital city.

There are many car hire companies to choose from in Madrid, and each company offers its own specific benefits and drawbacks. Make sure that you speak to a few different companies, and find out which one best suits your needs. When you Travel to Madrid, your best bet is to be as organised as possible, that way, you can be free to enjoy your holiday when you get there.

Below is a list of Car Hire Companies based in Madrid. These should point you in the right direction if you are thinking of hiring a car during your stay.

Europcar Car Hire
Avda. del Partenón, 16-18 28042 Madrid, Tel: +34 902105030
Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937235
Atocha Ave Station, Tel: +34 915300194

Hertz Car Hire

Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937228/9
Atocha Station, Tel: +34 915060497
Chamartin St. Agustin, Tel: +34 917330400
Plaza de la Fragua 5, Moralzarzal Tel: +34 918427624

Atesa Car Hire
Plaza de España, 28013 Madrid, Tel: +34 915425015
Barajas Airport, Tel: +34 913937232
Chamartin Station, Tel: +34 917406700
Atocha Station, Tel: +34 915061846/47

Pepecar Car Hire
Near Atocha Station
Near Chamartín Station
Barajas Airport
Plaza de España

Aerocity Car Hire
Marzo 34, 28022 Madrid, Tel: +34 917477570

Avis Car Hire
Agustín de Foxá, 27 28036 Madrid, Tel: +34 902135531

Madrid Hotel


Madrid Hotel – If you are travelling to Madrid then you should look into the various hotels that the city has to offer. Because Madrid is such a diverse and cosmopolitan capital, it means there are plenty of hotels for tourists to choose from. Whatever style or class of hotel you are looking for, Madrid is sure to have something to offer.

Madrid Hotels can be found in every area of the city, from the outskirts to the city centre. Whether you want to be in the entertainment and nightlife section of the capital, or you want to be out in the quieter regions, there is an eclectic mix of hotels for you to choose from.


Hotels in Madrid range from two stars to five stars, and everything in between. Prices can vary depending on the level of accommodation you are looking for, but it is possible to find good deals in advance by talking to your travel agent before you go on holiday.

Most travellers will be pleased to know that English is widely spoken in nearly all Hotels in Madrid. The staff are always friendly and helpful, and are willing to assist guests wherever or whenever they can. Hotels in Madrid are clean, comfortable, and usually within easy access of public transportation or the best sights of the city.

Below, you can find a list of hotels of varying standard, which may suit your needs while you are visiting Madrid. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but serve merely as a guide.



Florida Norte Hotel
4 Stars
From $124 per night
Paseo De La Florida, 5
Madrid City
Mayorazgo Hotel
4 Stars
From $162 per night
Flor Baja, 3
Madrid City
Fiesta Gran Hotel Colon
4 Stars
From $147 per night
Pez Volador 1-11
Madrid City
Carlton Hotel
4 Stars
From $183 per night
Paseo De Las Delicias, 26
Madrid City
Catalonia Gaudí Hotel
4 Stars
From $165 per night
Gran Via, 9
Madrid City
Puerta Toledo Hotel
3 Stars
From $139 per night
Glorieta Puerta Toledo, 4
Madrid City
Regente Hotel
3 Stars
From $125 per night
Mesoneros Romanos 9
Madrid City
Petit Palace Arenal Hotel
3 Stars
From $175 per night
Arenal, 16
Madrid City
Asturias Hotel
2 Stars
From $94 per night
Sevilla, 2
Madrid City
Mediodia Hotel
2 Stars
From $110 per night
Plaza Emperador Carlos V, 8
Madrid City