Madrid Tours


Madrid Tours – The depth and breadth of things to do in Madrid is huge. Although it is easy enough to find everything of your own accord, sometimes it can be beneficial to organise a tour to help you fit in everything that you want to see.
Organised Tours in Madrid have both benefits and drawbacks. The benefit of a tour is that you will often have a tour guide who is very knowledgeable about the city, and who will be able to give you information and titbits on the city’s history that you may never have had the chance to hear otherwise. Tours also provide the opportunity for tourists to miss out the less interesting aspects of sightseeing, and to spend more time on the areas that are of real interest to them. Perhaps the biggest advantage of booking an organised tour is that you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get to all the sights you want to see. Quite often, coaches are organised by the tour company.

Madrid PalaceHowever, there are a few downfalls to going on an organised tour. The first of these is the time restraint on how long you can spend at any given sight. Many Madrid Tours work to a fairly strict schedule and you might not get to stay at the area you like for as long as you want to. Imagine standing at the Arab Wall and being told that it was time to leave, just as you were starting to enjoy yourself. The other downfall of organised tours in Madrid is that the food provided (because many tour companies provide at least a light lunch) is often held at a place of the tour company’s choosing, and not yours. That means you might not be able to go to the quaint little restaurant that caught your eye on the bus.

Whether or not you decide to take a tour in Madrid, you should make sure to at least research what is available. Some people find that a mixture of free days combined with a few tours provides the ideal solution.